415V Extension Lead

415V Extension Lead – Available in SY cable or HO7RN-F cable.

Lengths listed range from 5 metres to 25 metres, however we can accomodate any lengths in between these. If you require a specific length, please give our sales team on 01244 288138 for further information or email at sales@quickbit.co.uk.

What is SY Cable?

SY Cable is an electrical cable with a transparent outer sheath. This cable also has a steel wire braiding below the sheath, meaning you can use it for applications where it may encounter knocks and scrapes.

You’d ordinarily find this cable being used for control applications, both temporary and fixed installations. For example, you could use this cable in a warehouse or factory with peace of mind that it can withstand day-to-day wear and tear.

What is HO7RN-F Cable?

HO7RN-F Cable is a flexible rubberised cable suitable for a variety of outdoor applications. Unlike standard household flex cable, H07RN-F cable is flexible however still strong and resistant. You could easily use this cable for a variety of outdoor applications as it is also waterproof.

Need Assistance?

Call our technical sales team on 01244 288 138 today for an instant quotation or if you require a few different lengths of extension leads