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EMC Cable gland

What Cable Gland Should I Use ? This guide will through through all the different types of cable glands you may come across or need to purchase as part of your electrical installation when terminating your cable. from the more standard compression glands to the more unusual CXT glands made for CY and SY cables…. Continue Reading 🢂

Free online SWA Cable Gland size chart - Quickbit UK
Different size diameters and core sizes of Steel Wire Armoured cable will require different installation cable gland sizes. Our convenient SWA Cable Glands Size Reference Chart will help guide you in the right direction. Also, if you visit our SWA cable gland page, we have implemented various filter options to help you quickly find the... Continue Reading 🢂
Under cabinet kitchen lights UCLED Fittings

UCLED – LED Linkable under cabinet kitchen shelf lighting A modern, well-built and contemporary designed LED under-cabinet kitchen fitting, the UCLED fittings are a great choice for any modern kitchen. Sizes range from 277mm to 1438mm, meaning these fittings are perfect for any installation. These UCLED fittings are also available in both warm white and… Continue Reading 🢂

Sy Cable

SY Cable – General Information & Uses SY Cable – General Information & Uses: SY Cable is a control cable constructed from a PVC insulation, bedding and a transparent PVC sheathing with a braided armour underneath the sheathing. This cable is not suitable for fixed installations, as stipulated in the regulations set by BS7671. SY… Continue Reading 🢂

155mm Heavy Duty Armoured Cable Roller

SWA Armoured Cable Rollers – General Information With a variety of types and sizes available, these SWA Armoured Cable Rollers are a great choice to aid any cable install. Constructed from sturdy, hard-wearing materials, these cable rollers are built to withstand constant, hard-usage on a daily basis. Making lighter work of pulling large SWA Armoured… Continue Reading 🢂

H07RN-F Cable

H07RN-F Cable is a rubberised cable constructed from a  hard-wearing rubber, making it useful for installations on sites where there is risk of chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses. H07RN-F Cable is used in a variety of applications where a hard-wearing cable is required, whilst still being flexible so that the cable can be used for… Continue Reading 🢂

Armoured cable sock

Armoured SWA Cable Socks – General Information Armoured SWA Cable Socks, sometimes known as cable grips, are a cable pulling accessory for use during cable installs. Constructed from stainless steel, these cable socks are a great tool for aiding an easy cable install. Simple to use just push the sock over the end of the… Continue Reading 🢂

415V Extension Leads

415V Extension Leads

415V Extension Leads are a great choice for a variety of uses. All the extension leads that we stock are pre-made and ready to use upon arrival. They include an IP44 plug and socket with 4 or 5 pins depending on the lead chosen. 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A leads are available. These 415V Extension… Continue Reading 🢂

caravan electrical hook up box - safetly connect electricity to caravans outdoors
The Quickbit Expert Guide to Caravan Hookup boxes tells you everything you need to know. It offers insight into a basic 101 of an electrical hookup box, who would need one, where you would install one, and the benefits of having them. So, let's get right to it. Welcome to our Caravan Hookup boxes Guide... Continue Reading 🢂
Chrome switches and sockets

Timelessly elegant – Chrome switches and sockets for your home or office Constructing or renovating a commercial or residential structure is certainly one of the most complicated and challenging tasks, given the fact that some things need to be taken into consideration. Lighting, wiring and general electrical components are some of the most common items… Continue Reading 🢂