Fire Rated Downlights

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Showing 1–24 of 30 results

Fire Rated Downlights are a type of recessed ceiling light that include a flame-retardant material around the edge of the fitting to help prevent fire from spreading between floors of a building which. This coupled with the flame-resistant canister on the back of the fitting itself, means that (as indicated by the name) the fitting has a Fire Rating. All of the fittings below are GU10 (230V) mains voltage, meaning they are perfect for direct replacement of older lighting solutions.

One thing to note is that the Fire Rating does not mean that if the fitting catches fire, it will not spread. It is very rare for a fitting to catch fire, so it isn’t really a health & safety hazard. The fitting itself includes an intumescent seal around the edge of the fascia, which expands when heated, meaning that as soon as the fitting is powered on, the seal helps prevent fire penetration through to other floors of a building.
There are different classes of fittings that can resist flames for 30, 60, and 90 minutes or even more. All the Downlights Quickbit have available on the website can hold back fire for 90 minutes, which is another aspect of the safety techniques that this fitting uses as it’ll give enough time for the emergency services to arrive an extinguish the fire before it spreads between floors.
Regular, fittings don’t have the canister on the back or the intumescent seal around the edge of the fitting, meaning they are completely open to let air and therefore flames into the fitting. This highly increases the risk of the fire spreading, meaning that it could cause a lot more damage purely because of the lighting techniques.

Available are both fixed and tilted variants Downlights, as to suit any requirement or area of installation. So if you’d prefer to provide light for a certain area without having to fit a light directly above it, you could use a tilt fitting and adjust it to the required angle. Or if you’d prefer Light to be concentrated on one area of a room as opposed to lighting a whole room, it is recommended you choose a tilted fitting.

An issue that is carried across fitting ceiling recessed downlights is the fact that noise can travel through the holes that need to be sawed out of the ceiling for the fitting to be inserted into, meaning that if you have multiple recessed downlights in one room, the noise coming from the ceiling can be distracting when watching background noise is at a minimum. Not only does the intumescent seal provide help with fire spread prevention, it also provides an acoustic seal for the hole. Another issue that Fire Rated fittings help with is the fact that when installing these fittings, they do not breach Building Regulations that say the fire resistance must not be compromised by installing recessed light fixtures. This means they abide by all health & safety laws.

Downlights are also useful for their flexibility as they accept both normal Halogen Lamps, which are available in both 35w and 50w variants, which you can view here, as well as the new, more efficient LED Lamps. Also acceptable are the dimmable Halogen & LED Lamps, meaning that if a dimmer switch is installed in the room the Light fitting is being installed into, or if there is one already installed, it will be fully compatible with the new Lamp and Fitting.
Advantages of LED Lamps include the fact that they can save you huge amounts on electricity bills due to LED Lamps using so little power in comparison to the amount of light they provide. Also, they are available in a variety of different colour temperatures including Warm White, Cool White & Day Light. These all offer a slightly different white colour as to suit different environments and rooms, so for example, warm white would be good for rooms where a warm environment is needed, such as a living room or bedroom. They have an extremely long life-span too, meaning that the extra cost of the lamp initially is made up by the overall saving per annum. The savings that they bring and the fact that you should only need to replace them every 2 – 3 years should more than make up for the increase in price. To view the LED Lamps that we have available, please click here.
In comparison, a lot of consumers believe that Low Voltage bulbs are a cheaper, better alternative. It is, however, a misconception as Low Voltage halogen lamps save money on electricity or utility bills, since they use more energy for a given wattage than Mains Voltage Halogen lamps. The only advantages of Low Voltage halogen lamps are the fact that they provide a crisper, whiter light than mains voltage halogens and they tend to have a slightly longer lifespan than regular Halogen lamps, not including LED Lamps.
Disadvantages of Low Voltage lamps include the fact that a transformer is required when using a regular or Fire Rated fitting, and if they are going to be installed with a dimmer switch, they require a certain type of Dimmer Switch. They also generate an awful lot of heat, meaning they could increase the risk of injury or even fire.
Both the fitting and the lamp is dimmable, but if you’d prefer a regular halogen or LED lamp, they’re compatible too.  As an example of the wattage of Dimmer Switch you’d need for your specified fitting, if you have 6 50w lamps and fittings, then the dimmer switch would need to be of at least 375w, an over-rating of 25%. Usually the Dimmer Switch would just be 400w.

The spotlights that Quickbit stock and supply are a great product due to the fact if installed correctly and in the correct numbers, they provide an even, shadow-free light for the surrounding area. They are available in a wide variety of colours too, meaning that they will suit any environment they are installed in. These colours include:-

–          Chrome

–          Satin Chrome

–          White

–          Brass

During installation of these fittings in an ambient lighting and rectangular room, make sure that they are placed at least 0.8 – 1 metre away from walls, as they will show up imperfections on the wall itself, even if the wall is newly plastered and painted. Also, if you are planning on installing multiple Fire Rated Downlights, there should be spaces of at least 1.6 – 2 metres away from each other. This maintains a safe-working distance and ensures an even-light distribution across the room that the lights are installed into.

Overall, Fire Rated fittings are a great alternative to regular, non-fire rated fittings as they provide the safety and require standards as well as being cost-efficient as opposed to buy non-fire rated fittings as well as fire hoods that cover the normal fittings to comply with building safety regulations. With the Fire Rated spotlights that Quickbit stock and supply, you know that you are guaranteed that the fitting itself complies with all safety regulations as well as being a fantastic-quality, reliable product for a great price.

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