Waterproof Sockets and Switches

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Showing all 24 results

Waterproof Sockets and Switches IP66

As part of our extensive range of electrical supplies, here at Quickbit we carry a comprehensive selection of waterproof sockets and switches designed to shield vital electrical outlets from unfavourable weather conditions. Combining reliability, performance and style, our waterproof switches and sockets collection is a perfect example of excellent form and function.

Exterior Electrical Sockets and Switches

The waterproof electrical sockets and switches feature heavy-duty casing with a design to hold up in even the most extreme weather conditions. From power outlets and junction boxes to fuse connection units and RCD sockets, we have waterproof solutions for every requirement.

Can you have electric sockets outside?

Yes, We stock a range of waterproof electrical sockets and switches which allow you to access power outside when you need it. When it comes to waterproof equipment, reliability is paramount and here at Quickbit we ensure both the integrity of our products and your peace of mind by working closely with leading brands.

One of the UK’s leading online retailers of waterproof sockets and switches, Quickbit are dedicated to providing high quality products at great prices. Buy online now or call our sales team on 01244 288138.