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Selecting the right lighting for your home is not just the aesthetics or style, but should incorporate the effectiveness of the light generated. When choosing the likes of fire rated downlights, bathroom downlights and fluorescent lights, you should ensure you factor in the light coverage and spread. We can assist you choose the right lighting and quantity you need in one area.

Lighting an industrial environment holds high importance, especially when providing safe working conditions for employees and other personnel. The aim is to provide even coverage with limited shadows and glare, while maintaining the preferred LUX level at work and floor level. The correct fittings such as high bay lighting, low bay lighting, non-corrosive fittings and floodlights are incredibly popular.

Commercial lighting consists mainly of office and shop lighting, meaning they not only need to be aesthetically pleasing, but also suitable for purpose. Shop lighting is commonly used to create a focal point on goods or general lighting within the area. Office lighting needs to be evenly covering and glare-free to ensure personnel do not have any negative effects, especially with their eyesight when using computer screens.

Designing a lighting scheme properly removes any guesswork and helps ensure that the right products are specified for the right job which minimises later issues on site.

Our FREE bespoke lighting design includes:

  • Lux level at work height and floor level
  • LED / fluorescent lumen output comparison available
  • LED energy savings calculations available
  • Photometric data of fittings included


If you’d like to know any more or speak to an adviser, please call our team on 01244 288 138 or email [email protected]