Spike lights

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Spike Lights

Spike Lights are primarily used for outdoor areas such as gardens, patios and driveways etc. Spike Lights are a decorative and stylish product used for lighting large areas and pathways. This means Spike Lights could also be useful for health and safety as they could prevent accidents happening due to lack of visibility.

Further Information

Here at Quickbit, we stock and supply a large range of Spike Lights and other general Lighting products. This means that there may be a type or size that is not on our website but still available for purchase. If you’re looking for a specific type or size that suits a certain purpose and cannot find it among the range we have available on our website, please feel free to call 01244 288138 to get into contact with our Sales Team who will be happy to help you identify the product you require.
Quickbit is located on Zone 1 of Deeside Industrial Estate near Chester, so if you’d prefer to arrange a pick up for Spike Lights or any of the other products we have available on our website, please feel free to do so.
Spike Lights available for the best prices online with fast, free delivery on orders over £100.