Twin and Earth Cable

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Showing 1–24 of 41 results

Twin and Earth Cable – We stock large quantities of this cable, with sizes ranging from 1mm² to 16mm². We also stock and supply a large range of Three Core and Earth Cable (from 1mm² to 2.5mm²). All relevant current ratings (in amps) are included in the product titles to ensure you’re purchasing the correct cable for the job.
This cable is a name for a type of mains electricity cable. It comprises two individually insulated current carrying conductors and an uninsulated (bare) circuit protective (earth) conductor.

This cable can be installed in fixed installations in dry or damp premises clipped to surface, on trays or in free air where mechanical damage would not be an issue. Suitable for laying in conduit or trunking where mechanical protection is required.

There is an overall sheath of grey PVC (BS 6004), or white for low smoke compound (BS 7211)

For more information regarding this cable, please refer to our ‘Complete Guide To Twin And Earth Cable’