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Showing all 16 results

SWA  Armoured Cable Grips

Cable grips often known as cable stockings, pulling socks and Chinese fingers are a quick and efficient way of installing and controlling a whole host of electrical cables. Cable socks can be re-used providing suitable inspection of the item and can be used to support or pull a range of cylindrical objects within their grip and load pulling capacity. Used mainly within industrial environments for suspending cables and cylindrical objects into suspended locations, for example, in warehouse ceilings etc. They’re also for feeding cable through hard to reach/enclosed locations.

Quickbit offer a range of cable pulling equipment from cable rollers to cable socks. Our high quality cable rollers, cable jacks and cable socks are targeted at those looking for a simpler task when pulling cable. If you cannot see the part you are looking for do not hesitate to give our sales team a call on 01244 288138 and they will be able to help to the best of their ability.

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