LED Lamp dimmer switches

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Showing all 12 results

Our Varilight V-Pro series comprises programmable intelligent dimmers with a choice of dimming modes for wider compatibility; some have a push-on/push-off switch action with rotary dimming and others (called V-Pro IR and V-Pro Eclique) have touch/remote control. All V-Pro dimmers offer superior dimming technology to deliver the best possible dimming performance for a given load. V-Pro dimmers are suitable for mains lighting, most dimmable electronic transformers** and, with a 10W minimum load, are suitable for dimmable low energy lighting, including many dimmable LEDs.

To enhance compatibility with the ever-increasing range of lighting options now available to customers, V-Pro dimmers are programmable to offer a choice of dimming modes. In addition, users can set the minimum load level for the dimmer to optimise the dimming range of a particular lighting load.

Controlled by a micro-processor, V-Pro dimmers offer sophisticated overload protection. This means that if you mistakenly connect your dimmer to too many lights or transformers it will protect itself from failure by turning the lights down or off until the load is corrected.

For best results with low voltage lighting use VARILIGHT intelligent dimmer switches with VARILIGHT electronic transformers. There is no limit on the number of transformers you can use as long as you keep within the maximum rating of the dimmer. VARILIGHT electronic transformers are suitable for controlling 12V a.c. rated LEDs (MR16). V-Pro dimmers are not suitable for wire-wound “toroidal” transformers.

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