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SWA Cable Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will go over some or the questions you may have regarding swa cable ranging from cable definitions to answering how to questions such as;

How can I fix or join / joint swa cable ?

Swa cable can be repaired using the SWA cable joint kit, you should first make sure the cable has been isolated and locked of so there are no risks of electrical shock. Then once you have found the damaged section of cable you can ether

1, Use 1 joint and replace the cable to the other end.

2, Use 2 joints and just replace the section that is the problem.

The cable joints are made up with a sub type plastic outer casing. The electrical connections sit in and them covered with epoxy resin. These armoured cable joints can be uses inside or outside in just the same way this steel wire armoured cable can be. You can also use above ground or underground in a trench or cable tray or ladder rack.


How do I cut swa cable using hand tools?

Swa cable can be very difficult to cut when first starting, especially if you don’t have the correct tools we recommend using a junior hacksaw with a fine tooth metal blade. This should make the job a little easier as the teeth of the blade will not get stuck and stop you in your tracks, try to keep steady and the cable still until you get around half way through, then bend the cable over so that the cable opens and does not grip the hacksaw blade as you are cutting the cable.

How to size your swa cable using our armoured cable calculator?

At quickbit we have made it easy to know what size cable you will need to carry the current for your electrical installation, using our online swa cable calculator. This great new tool takes the hard work out of finding the right armoured cable size for your job. You simply select the length of cable and the current in amps or kW the permissible volt drop and supply type, single phase or three phase.

Hit calculate and you will be given the results, the size of cable you will need for your UK armoured cable installation, please take note this is a good guide for your cable but the input of a fully qualified electrician is always recommended.

**This cable calculator is to be used as a guide only; the cable sizes are worked out using information given from your input, accurate values are essential to give you the correct cable size. The user is to ensure the type of cable is suited to environment and conditions the cable will be exposed to.

This cable calculator is set for Installation method C (Clipped Direct), for cable types BS5467 and BS6724 SWA (Steel wire armoured cable) and is based on the voltage drop selected at 230V single phase and 400V three phase.**