Cable Rollers and Cable Jacks

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Showing all 21 results

SWA Cable Rollers

SWA Cable Rollers are an ideal cable pulling accessory, suitable for most cable laying environments. Made from a sturdy, tubular design, these SWA cable rollers are robust and can withstand daily use with heavy cables, and in potentially damaging environments.

A large variety of sizes are available, making them adaptable to fit any cable pulling requirement.

We also carry fixed cable rollers for SWA cable. These specialised cable rollers can be bolted into floors for a more permanent fixture. SWA Cable Rollers are a vital part of any cable installation, and their versatility makes them an essential piece of equipment for any cable Puller.

Cable Rollers provide a heavy-duty stance as well as smooth rolling. The cable can by distributed from and gathered to drums much easier. This prevents dragging cables and causing friction.

How Quickbit Helps:

Quickbit stock and distribute cable and accessories on a large scale nationwide. Our high-quality cable rollers and cable jacks are ideal for professionals looking to simplify cable pulling.

We stock portable and fixed rollers to suit your needs. A fixed cable roller allows for bolting to the ground for more permanent settings.

SWA Cable Jacks

SWA Cable Jacks make cable pulling much safer and easier. With a metal design, they are sturdy enough to withstand daily use in industrial environments.

They are also corrosion-resistant, meaning they can withstand daily wear and tear. SWA Cable Jacks are a near-essential cable pulling accessory. Primarily for elevating drums, these jacks make it possible to pull SWA cable off of drums without having to manually lift the drums off the ground.

This makes it much easier as well as safer to pull the cable, as the drums are free-spinning. These jacks are superior in both durability and corrosion resistance.

SWA Cable Jacks are an essential piece of equipment for any business that relies on cable pulling.

Each cable jack is made to carry specific weight loads, in some cases up to  3 tonne weight. Please bear this in mind when ordering these products. 

Spindles (Bars used for holding cable drums) are sold separately. 

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