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Site Lights - Floodlights

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10W LED Rechargeable Floodlight
10W LED Rechargeable Floodlight   Model: LEDFL10YR Supply Voltage: 100-240V Wattage: 10W&..
£36.40 £28.39
Site Lights - 500W Heavy Duty  Fitting for Tripod - Head Unit
500W Heavy Duty Head for Tripod - Head Unit This Halogen light which attaches&n..
Site lights - 500W Heavy Duty Tripod stand - Stand Unit
500W Heavy Duty Tripod - Stand Unit This Halogen Tripod stand is available in 110V and has a D..
Site lights - Portable Yellow 500w Halogen 110V Floodlight with Grill (oval)
Portable Yellow 500w Halogen 110V Floodlight with Grill (oval) Black Cast aluminium floodlight wit..
Site Lights - Portable Yellow 500w Halogen 230V Floodlight with Grill
Site Lights - Portable Yellow 500w Halogen 230V Floodlight with Grill Black Cast aluminium floodlig..

Site Floodlights

Site Lights - Floodlights are especially important from a safety perspective, as well as being a useful tool on building sites or anywhere that requires a significant amount of light. Site Lights - Floodlights provide a large area of light, especially useful when working in a dark area, inside or out, as they have IP (Ingress Protection) Rating, meaning that they're protected from the environmental factors such as wind, rain and splashes of water and dirt. This means that these factors shouldn't affect the overall performance of the Site Light - Floodlight itself.

Further Information

Here at Quickbit, we stock and supply a large range of Site Light - Floodlights as to suit every need and requirement. If there is a specific type or size that you're looking for but cannot find among the range we have available on our website, please feel free to call our Sales Team on 01244 288138 for further information and assistance on finding the one that you require.
Quickbit is located on Zone 1 of Deeside Industrial Estate near Chester, so if you'd like to arrange a pick up for Site Lights - Floodlights as opposed to having them delivered, please feel free to do so.
Site Lights - Floodlights available for the best prices online with fast, free delivery on orders over £100.

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