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110V 100W LED Working Light / Floodlight

The Quickbit Expert Guide to 110v flood lights tells you everything you need to know. It offers the reader insights into the basic differences and the locations they should use them in, how you would install one, and the benefits of having them.

Welcome to our 110v floodlights Guide

So what is a 110v floodlight?

110v floodlights are also known as 110v work lights

The lights offer safe outdoor solution to lighting large areas such as building sites.

The lights can be mounted on to any structure including walls or scaffolding. alternately they can also be mounted to other hard surface structures by your electrician.

Additionally, our range has one that’s right for you. From 50w for the smaller area up to 200w for a large carpark. Quickbit will have the lighting solution that your looking for.

Energy Saving LED 110v Floodlights

Our range of site floodlights are also great at saving you money. They are very efficient and run at much lower costs that the older versions.

Our extensive range of 110v LED floodlights include some very high specifications such as IP65 rating to keep them working in the wettest of conditions.A Standard 2 year warranty to give you piece of mind always helps.


Other options also include:

  • 50w smaller areas
  • 100w medium areas
  • 150w carparks
  • 200w  large carparks and building sites

Where would you install a 110v site light?

110v site lights need to be used where 240v mains cabling is not permitted, this is to keep the construction sites as safe as possible, there could be a risk to life if a mains cable is chopped through. This risk is partially mitigated when using 110v to power the temporary lighting.


Building Sites


Scaffold lighting


Outdoor Events

110V 100W LED Working Light / Floodlight

Shop Fitting Temporary lighting

  • Building sites
  • Outdoor sports fields
  • Caravan parks
  • Cite carparks
  • Fairgrounds
  • Construction sites
  • Outdoor exhibitions and events

We will have you covered if you need safe outdoor site lighting.

What type of extension lead would you use?

Our 110V extension leads are heavy duty and made for durability as well as safety.

Our range at Quickbit lets you select convenient lengths and also the voltage requirement you need.

Shop our 110v extension leads

Do you have any questions? Need more information? Simply contact us. Our professional team have the knowledge to offer you the best in service.

If there is a product that you cannot find among the range we have available through our website, please call our sales team and we will see if we can source what you are after or have an alternative option readily in stock.

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We have a wide range of hardy, weatherproof work site lights for you to choose from. Our comprehensive line of long-lasting, waterproof workplace lighting will meet or exceed your demands both indoors and outdoors. There are both freestanding and wall-mountable versions available.


Site lights and accessories are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use, including free-standing work lights to provide temporary or semi-permanent illumination outside or in sheds, garages, etc.


Commercial construction sites and residential DIY projects will benefit from the selection of these lights and add-ons. With this mobile illumination, your maintenance jobs will be simple. This bright and long-lasting equipment will allow you to work in confidence. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using site lights and accessories.

LED Work Lights

Site lights and accessories may come in many different shapes and sizes, but all offer some common benefits that make them ideal for various tasks.


LED floodlights are ideal for warehouses, factories, and other areas. Our LED floodlights are IP65 certified, meaning they can withstand water spray and dust particles. It’s made of aluminium, which gives it some mechanical stability.


One common benefit is that they are bright and provide a lot of illumination. This makes them perfect for use in dark or poorly lit areas where you need to see what you are doing. Whether you are working on a construction site, doing some repairs around your home, or just trying to change a light bulb, site lights and accessories can help you do it safely and more easily.

Festoon Kit

Festoon kits are very versatile. They are most often used to light up hallways, staircases, or other parts of commercial buildings that need a lot of lighting. Festoons are perfect for temporary lighting setups in construction sites.


Festoon kits are a great choice when considering a high-quality site lighting solution. They offer a lightweight, robust design and offer low heat output, which simplifies the site lighting arrangements. Also, with a 50W power rating, the bright LED lights will be more than adequate for any site lighting requirement.

110v Lighting

110v Lighting is a popular choice for many site lighting applications. This type of lighting is available in several different formats, including floodlights, spotlights, and low-profile lights. Additionally, there is a range of mounting options to choose from, including tripod stands, wall mounts, and portable light towers.


110v lighting is an excellent option for general site lighting needs. It provides bright illumination that can be easily directed to where it is needed. Additionally, the 110v format means that it can be used almost anywhere in the world without any need for special adapters or power converters.


If you need temporary or semi-permanent illumination for outdoor spaces, we have a variety of options. We offer free-standing work lights to provide light when needed, and they can be used in sheds, garages, etc. In addition to these utility purposes, our site lights are also great for indoor use!


They come with corded plug-in power cords that allow them to stay plugged into outlets at all times, so there’s no need to worry about running out of power mid-project.