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site lights

We hope in this LED site lighting guide to lead and teach you through the main differences, between the types of 110v lighting available. At the end you will know just the right light fitting you will need to work safely into the winter nights.

110v site lights

110v Site Lights

This heading covers the vast majority of lighting used in the construction industry and building sites. Anything from 110v floodlights to inter-linkable floodlights would be under this category. Most tend to be IP65 rated to withstand the outdoor elements, this makes them both water and dust proof perfect for the rugged environment they will find themselves in.

Linkable Site Lights

Linkable Site Lights

There is now a great range of site lighting that comes with both a 16a plug and a 16a socket. This enables them to be used in a chain connecting one to the next and so on. Depending on the size of lights you are using, its not unusual to be able to run to 50 metres and over. The video clip below shows some examples of there uses and how far they can reach. Much bigger distances than you may think.

Our non-corrosive linkable lights are assembled right here in the UK. Using the very best quality Products and artic flex cable you will find. Typically used on building sites and scaffolding but we are now getting more and more enquires for them to be installed into marques from events organisers. As a quick and simple lighting solution for someone without electrical qualifications to hang up, No connections necessary they come connected to a plug and socket ready to link together. It is also possible to extend the distance between them using 110v extension leads, or spit of into more that one string of lights using the splitter boxes

There are three types of this type available:

Festoon Installation Guide

Portable Site Lights

Portable Site Lights

Most would agree that portable site lights are battery operated. This is the case for most of our range. 10w and 20w battery operated work lights give a great option to give a substantial amount of light especially if used as a pair. By doing this it can limit the amount of shadow from the lighting arrangement.

Temporary lights

72W 110V LED Tripod Work Light With 16A Plug & Socket

110v Floodlight

110V 150W Slimline LED Site Floodlight

110v Festoon Kit

6 Light 12m Interlinkable 30W LED 110V Festoon Lighting IP44

Heavy duty 110v floodlight

110V 200W LED Working Light / Floodlight

Regular Non Corrosive Fittings

If you’re looking for a standard install rather than one on site, remember that we stock and supply a large range of non corrosive fittings to suit any purpose. To view our entire range, please visit our Non-Corrosive Lighting Category.