Contactum Satin Chrome Sockets and Switches

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Showing all 20 results

Contactum Iconic Satin Chrome Sockets and Switches

The Contactum Iconic Collection presents top-of-the-line satin chrome sockets and switches.

It combines the qualities of a high-end product with modern design elements. The Iconic series creates easy-to-maintain solutions for your home or workplace

The slightly matte look of the satin chrome finish provides a smooth sheen to each device.

It eliminates harsh light reflections that polished chrome can sometimes produce.

Pleasing to look at, it is also advantageous in terms of practicality. Finger marks and other minor imperfections are far easier to clean from satin chrome than from its shinier counterparts. So if you have children or a busy home or office, Satin is the better choice.

Tried and tested for durability and performance — Contactum has created a long-lasting solution with its Satin Chrome collection. With a modern design that combines luxury with functionality, the devices from this impressive range are sure to look amazing now – and for many years to come.