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RG59SWA Armoured coax cable 75 Ohm

Model Number: RG59SWA
Availability: 4677
Ex Tax: £1.56

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500 or more £1.42
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RG59SWA Armoured coax cable 75 Ohm

75 Ohm armoured coax cable FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £100 with fast nationwide delivery. Ideal for control cables and power cables.

RG59SWA Armoured coax cable 75 Ohm

This armoured coax cable is cut to length so if you just simply put in the quanity how metres you need.

Where data or signal cables may be exposed to mechanical damage an additional protection of galvanised steel wire armour or SWA is ideal. Suitable for direct burial these cables are also popular in applications above ground where accidental or deliberate damage may occur.

CCTV installation in football stadiums, shopping centres and other public areas need to continue functioning despite the activities of trouble makers.

Equally important may be data or security cabling in car parks, warehouses and factories where vehicle damage may severely compromise the operation of business.

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