SWA LSF Gland Pack – BW20 Indoor

SWA LSF Gland Pack – BW20 Indoor

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Compatible LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) SWA Cable sizes:


These SWA LSF Gland Pack – BW20 are made to be used with LSF (low smoke & fume) Steel Wire Armour Cable. This cable and the glands to suit are designed to negate the fumes and smoke that are often encountered in the event of a fire. The cable and glands are generally used in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, doctors surgeries etc which helps the job adhere to all relevant health and safety standards in places where that is priority.

Contents SWA LSF Gland Pack – BW20:

  • Quality brass
  • Low smoke & fume (LSF)
  • Made for indoor use
  • Brass Cable glands x 2
  • Shrouds x 2
  • Earth Coupling (banjo) x 2
  • 20mm locknuts x 2

Compatible LSF SWA Cable sizes:

Not sure what size SWA cable gland you need for the job? Use this helpful link to quickly work out the size right for you: Cable Gland size chart. This chart also shows cleat sizes too!

Quickbit has a massive range of cable gland sizes suitable for small, medium and larger SWA cables. Our range of electrical cable glands covers jobs both indoor and outdoor. View our Quality Niglon cable glands category to see options for Flex Cable & FP200 Equivalent Cable.

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20mm locknut thread

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Armoured SWA Cable

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