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POWERLITE LED Festoon Kit 110V 10-way 50W 22m IP44

Brand: Red Arrow
Model Number: FK2250W
Availability: 1000
Ex Tax: £44.95
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POWERLITE LED Festoon Kit 110V 10-way 50W 22m IP44

The POWERLITE LED Festoon Kit 110V 10-way 50W 22m IP44 are a great choice when considering a high-quality site lighting solution. These festoon kits offer a lightweight, robust design and offer low heat output, which simplifies the site lighting arrangements. Also, with a 50W power rating, the bright LED lights will be more than adaquete for any site lighting requirement. 
Below is a list of specifications and features relating to this POWERLITE LED Festoon Kit 110V 10-way 50W 22m IP44;

- Model: FK2250W
- LED: 14pcs per Head of SMD 2835
- Material: Polycarbonate
- Colour Temperature: 6500K
- Guarantee: 2 Years
- Life Expectancy: 35,000 Hours
- Working Temperature: - 20°C - 45°C
- Power Factor: 0.85
- Beam Angle: 180°
- CRI: 80 Ra
- Dimensions: Head: H: 60 x Ø: 75mm Full Length: 22m

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