3 Core SWA Cable

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General Information – SWA Cable 3 Core

SWA Cable 3 Core is a variant of electrical cable that is protected by a steel wire armour that’s just below the sheathing. The cores are made from plain annealed copper strands, the bedding and sheathing are made from polyvinyl chloride and, as stated previously, the armour is made from galvanised  steel.

Below is a list of specifications for 3 Core Cable:-

– 6943XL
– Conductors: Stranded Copper
– Insulation: XLPE
– Core Identification: 3 Core (Brown, Black, Grey)
– Bedding: PVC
– Armour/Protection – Steel Wire Armour (SWA)
– Sheath/Jacket: PVC
– Sheath Colour: Black
– Voltage: 600/1000v (Higher voltages available; contact our sales team for further information)
– Operating Temperature: Maximum 90 Degrees, Minimum Bending 0 Degrees
– British Standard: BS5467