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FP200 Equivalent Fire Cable Red 2.5mm 3 Core +E Per Meter

Brand: Cable 1
Model Number: 2.5mm 3 core +E Per Meter FPR
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FP200 Equivalent Fire Cable Red 2.5mm 3 Core +E Per Meter

FP200 Equivalent Fire Cable Red 2.5mm 3 Core +E Per Meter

BS5839/BS7629 Cable Fire Alarm and Security Cable - Plain annealed copper conductor, silicon rubber insulated aluminium/polyester tape screen, tinned annealed copper earth wire, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) outer sheath. Red, White, Orange or Black. Fire resistant to IEC 331 and BS6387. 
Flame retardant to BS5839-1:2003 and IEC 60332-3 CAT CWZ, 
BS7629-1 1997. Acid gas emission to BS EN 50267 (IEC60754), smoke emission to BSEN50268 (IEC 61034) and flame propagation to BS EN 50265, BS EN 50266 (IEC 60332)

Technical Information

  • No of cores: 3+E
  • Weight Kg/Km: 200
  • Overall Diameter mm: 10.5
  • Gland Size mm: 20

Temperature limits: -10°C to +80°C
*Bending radius:
6 x overall diameter
E = Bare Earth conductor, D = Drain wire

Core Identification:
2 core - Brown, Blue
3 core - Brown, Black, Grey
4 core - Brown, Black, Grey, Blue

Should not be installed at temperatures below 0°C or above +40°C

Please call the office on 01244 288138 for more information or advice.

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