Flex Cable 3185Y 5 Core

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Showing all 24 results

General Information – Flex Cable 3185Y 5 Core

General purpose Flex Cable for use outdoors in dry conditions. Applications include lawnmowers, power tools, washing machines, spin dryers and refrigerators etc. Generally unsuitable for outdoor use or industrial applications.

  • Flex Cable Construction: Plain annealed copper conductor, PVC insulated two core twisted together and PVC sheathed.
  • Flex Cable Current Rating : 6 Amps
  • Flex Cable Standards: Certified to BS6500, 4.0mm² to BS7919, CENELEC HD21.5, VDE 281
  • Flex Cable Conductor: Class 5 flexible plain copper conductors to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360)
  • Flex Cable Standard Colours: Cores – Blue & Brown / Sheath – White & Black
  • Flex Cable Voltage Rating: 300/500 Volts
  • Flex Cable Temperature Rating: 0°C to +60°C

Further Information – Flex Cable 3185Y 5 Core

We stock and supply a large range of Flex Cable, so if you cannot locate the Flex Cable that you require, please feel free to call our Sales Team on 01244 288138 for further information and assistance.

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