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Armoured Telephone cable 10 Pair External CW1128 / 1198

Model Number: SWA CW1128/1198 10 Pr.
Availability: 4900
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Armoured Telephone cable 10 Pair External CW1128 / 1198

Armoured Telephone cable 10 Pair External CW1128 / 1198

**Image shown is not a 10 pair telephone cable

This armoured 10 pair telephone cable is cut to length so if you just simply put in the quanity how metres you need it will be cut to the exact length you require.

CW1128/1198 armoured telephone cables are used for external connection of telephone systems and other communications equipment where the added protection of steel wire armouring is needed. This cable is ideally suited for direct burial.

CW1128/1198 outer sheath is made from tough, durable polyethylene or external grade PVC which is UV and sunlight resistant. The cores are bedded in petroleum jelly to protect against the ingress of moisture.

This external grade armoured telephone cable is available in 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 pair versions, in either 0.5mm or 0.9mm conductor sizes.

External armoured cable primarily designed for the interconnection of telephone equipment. Suitable for direct burial. UV and moisture resistant. In addition these cables may
be used for interconnection of other communication and control equipment or low level signalling applications.

Conductor : Solid class 1 solid annealed copper conductor according to BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360), Resistance to CW specification

Insulation : CEL-PE (Cellular Polyethylene)

Filler : Petroleum jelly

Separator : Clupak paper tape (with rip cord)

Bedding : PE (Polyethylene) according to BS 50290-1

Armour : GSWA (Galvanized Steel Wire Armour), Sheath, PE (Polyethylene)

No of Pairs : 10

Colours of Pairs : 1 pair : White/Blue, 2 pair : White/Orange, 3 pair : White/Green, 4 pair : White/Brown, 5 pair : White/Grey, 6 pair : Red/Blue, 7 pair : Red/Orange, 8 pair : Red/Green, 9 pair : Red/Brown, 10 pair : Red/Grey.

Nominal Diameter of conductors : 0.5mm

Pair configuration : 1 x 10 Pairs

Diameter under armour : 9.5mm

Nominal Overall Diameter : 14.7mm

Nominal weight : 0.25kg per metre

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