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SWA Cable Jack MJ3 (Pair)

Brand: Cable 1
Model Number: MJ3
Availability: 198
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SWA Cable Jack MJ3 (Pair)

SWA Cable Jacks MJ3

The MJ3 SWA Cable Jack is an almost-essential accessory to any armoured cable installation due to it's ease of use and advantages over traditional cable pulling methods. This hand-made tool is used primarily for jacking cable drums off the ground so that cable can be pulled while the drum is free-spinning. 
These jacks in particular are made of a very sturdy steel construction, meaning they are perfectly capable of handling large amounts of wear-and-tear. They're also immune to rusting, meaning they can be used within highly-corrosive environments such as on building or construction sites. 

This cable jack is designed to hold up to a 3 tonne weight. Please bear this in mind when ordering this product. 
Spindles (Bars used for holding cable drums) are sold seperately. 


Specifications for the MJ3 Cable Jack are as follows;

- Base size of 300mm x 300mm
- Maximum weight of 3 tonnes
- Closed Height of 500mm
- Open Height of 815mm
- Weight of jack overall= 17Kg 

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