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caravan electrical hook up box - safetly connect electricity to caravans outdoors

The Quickbit Expert Guide to Caravan Hookup boxes tells you everything you need to know. It offers insight into a basic 101 of an electrical hookup box, who would need one, where you would install one, and the benefits of having them.

So, let’s get right to it.

Welcome to our Caravan Hookup boxes Guide

So what is a caravan hook up box?

A Caravan hookup box is also known as an Electrical hookup box.

The box offers safe outdoor electrical power supply to caravans and other vehicles which require a power connection.

The boxes can be mounted on the appropriate galvanised steel post. They can also be mounted to other hard surface structures by your electrician.

Additionally, our range has one that’s right for you. From single socket, twin socket, triple socket, if you need outdoor power, Quickbit has the solution for you.

Metered Power supply

Our range of Caravan hookup boxes can also be metred so you can individually monitor the amount of electricity supply to a long term caravan or campsite.

Our extensive range of 18th edition premium electrical caravan boxes include locking isolators for safe electrical supply in outdoor weather. The hookup boxes incorporate IP56/55 water-resistant socket-outlets. These socket types are made tough and durable, so constant outdoor-use will not affect these boxes’ working.

As mentioned above, meters are available for each outlet, meaning you can track each outlet’s power usage.

Other options also include:

  • Socket outlets or direct connections
  • Lockable sockets and plugs which are also waterproof
  • Customer reset flaps
  • IP56/55 weatherproof polyester enclosures
  • Lockable enclosures (SU3 range)
  • Miniature kWh credit metering
  • Galvanised steel mounting posts

Where would you install an electrical caravan hook-up box?

Electrical hookup boxes are invaluable where outside power supply is required.

Electrical hookup boxes are perfect for locations such as:

caravan electrical hook up box - safetly connect electricity to caravans outdoors

Caravan parks and campsites

electrical hook for electricity to outdoor markets and marquees

Outdoor conventions and public events

electrical hook up box perfect for outdoor events and pop up stands

Fetes, evening markets, outdoor school events, fairs and pop up stands

electrical hook up box ideal for county fairs and supply of electricity to small rides

Rides and shows, boat jetty, outdoor bbq area, commercial handstand areas.

  • Food trucks
  • Outdoor sports fields
  • Caravan parks
  • Modern campsites
  • Fairgrounds
  • Outdoor reserves
  • Exhibition and conventions
  • Pop up markets

The reality is, if you need a reliable safe outdoor power supply, Quickbit has you covered.

What type of power lead would you use?

Our 240V extension leads are heavy duty and made for durability as well as safety.

Our range at Quickbit lets you select convenient lengths and also the voltage requirement you need.

Shop our 240V extension leads for caravan hookups.

Do you have any questions? Need more information? Simply contact us. Our professional team have the knowledge to offer you the best in service.

If there is a product that you cannot find among the range we have available through our website, please call our sales team and we will see if we can source what you are after or have an alternative option readily in stock.