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What Cable Gland Should I Use?

This free, helpful guide explains all the different types of electrical cable glands.

A very handy reference point if you come across one unfamiliar. Or, you might need to buy a couple for your electrical installation when terminating your cable. It references the more standard electrical compression glands to the more unusual CXT glands made for CY and SY cables. The correct choice of the cable gland is critical. If it does not fit correctly it’s likely to let water past its seal if in a wet environment. We have created a unique cable glands category with lots of useful fillers to assist you in selecting the correct product.

Compression Glands

Compression Glands

compression Glands for flex cable - shop now at Quickbit UK

So here’s what you need to know about compression glands. Firstly they are the most common choice in our range. They are a very popular choice to use with Flex cables as well as electrical cables not requiring sheath earthing. Compression Glands come in the following sizes from 12mm up to 63mm and in the following colours,  White, Black and Red.

You should not use Compression glands for Armoured Cables and/or SY, CY electrical cables.

Meter tails compression Glands

When installing consumer units to 18th edition wiring regulations, Meter tail electrical glands provide a perfect entry into your enclosure. Meter tail glands let you take all cores through one hole. They not only save time but look tidy. As the new consumer units are metal as part of the electrical regulations, take care not to cause Eddie currents within your installation. If you use Meter tail glands. it helps ensure this will not happen.

Meter Tail Glands

EMC Cable Glands

You can’t go past EMC glands by Wiska for the best outdoor/waterproof Ip68. Suitable for SY or CY Cable. High-Quality Brass nickel plating to withstand most environments. Available in sizes from 16mm to 32mm and offer the following advantages.

  • Easier to install
  • IP rating: IP68
  • Wide clamping range
  • Strain Relief
  • EMC earth protection


EMC Cable glands - Shop Now online at Quickbit UK

CXT cable glands

Constructed with high-quality brass, CXT cable glands are the right choice for all types of CY and SY flexible braided cable. The gland provides an environmental seal on the outer sheath. They also allow for internal mechanical retention of wire braid that has been teased and placed into the slot running down the thread which is then held by the locknut. When braided can be used for Electrical Continuity.

Gland kit comprises of 2 x Brass Glands with Compression Seals, 2 x Shrouds, 2 x Zinc Plated Steel Locknuts

Please see the chart below to determine what size cleat and gland you require for the SY Cable or CY Cable you have purchased. If you require any further assistance or information, please feel free to contact our Sales Team on 01244 288138.

SY & CY Cable Gland size Chart

 CSA SY cable size (mm)   Amount of Cores
2 core  3 core 4 core 5 core 7 core
0.75mm CXT20S CXT20S CXT20S CXT20S CXT20S
1.5mm CXT20S CXT20S CXT20S CXT20 CXT20
2.5mm CXT20S CXT20 CXT20 CXT20 CXT25
4mm NA CXT20 CXT25 CXT25 CXT25
6mm NA CXT25 CXT25 CXT25 CXT25
10mm NA CXT25 CXT25 CXT32 CXT32
16mm NA CXT25 CXT32 CXT32 NA

SWA Steel Wire Armour Cable Glands

Made exclusively for Steel Wire Armoured cable, there are 3 main types of glands. The BW range is the most common choice for inside environments. BW type employs two brass parts that grip the steel wire armouring in between. The shroud covers this to give splash protection and stop dust or other particles.

Jump to our helpful SWA Cable Gland Size chart to choose the right SWA Cable Gland for your installation.


SWA Cable Gland Pack - CW32

We also offer a range of premium outdoor glands that will provide up to IP68 ingress protection. The IP68 premium electrical cable glands are the perfect choice in areas with water jets. Fountains, carwash or washdown areas are great examples.  We stock these in 20mm and 25mm sizes this will suit most small steel wire armour sizes.

Related categories for SWA Cable Glands include:

IP68 Premium

SWA Gland IP68
SWA Gland IP68 Premium

Still need help? Don’t be shy. We are only a phone call away. Our team deal with easy and tough questions from customers every day of the week. So if you need help simply call us and get your questions answered quickly.