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Bathroom Downlights

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5W SMD GU10 LED Lamp
Product Description Quickbit have added V-tac's latest 5W SMD GU10 led lamp to there evergrowing ..
Ex Tax: £1.49
Chrome Bathroom Fire Rated Downlights
Chrome Bathroom Fire Rated Downlights These chrome fire rated bathroom downlights are primarily d..
£6.73 £5.16
Ex Tax: £4.30
£5.61 £4.30
Brushed Chrome Bathroom Fire Rated Downlights
Brushed Chrome Bathroom Fire Rated Downlights Brushed chrome bathroom fire rated downlights are a..
£6.73 £5.16
Ex Tax: £4.30
£5.61 £4.30
White Bathroom Fire Rated Downlights
White Bathroom Fire Rated Downlights White bathroom fire rated downlights are perfect for install..
£6.35 £4.79
Ex Tax: £3.99
£5.29 £3.99
Brass bathroom fire rated downlights
Brass bathroom fire rated downlights Brass bathroom fire rated downlights are a fantastic choice ..
Ex Tax: £5.61
10W IP65 Fire Rated COB LED Dimmable Downlight Cool White
Product Description The new COB LED Fire Rated Dimmable Downlights include a 10W LED, wit..
Ex Tax: £22.69
Chrome IP65 bathroom downlights
Chrome IP65 bathroom downlights Chrome IP65 bathroom downlights are constructed from die cast alu..
Ex Tax: £3.08
Brushed chrome IP65 bathroom downlights
Brushed chrome IP65 bathroom downlights These Brushed chrome IP65 bathroom downlights are not onl..
Ex Tax: £3.08
Brass IP65 bathroom downlights
Brass IP65 bathroom downlights  These shower spotlights are constructed from die cast alumin..
Ex Tax: £3.08
White IP65 bathroom downlights
White IP65 bathroom downlights These shower downlights are suitable for zone 1 and 2 of your bath..
Ex Tax: £3.08
Niglon 60W Shaver Light Dual Voltage with pullcord
Niglon 60W Shaver Light Dual Voltage Shaver light with Pullcord Product code : DVSL Finish : Whit..
Ex Tax: £13.38

bathroom lights

Bathroom Downlights

Here at Quickbit, we specialise in lighting, particularly Bathroom Downlights. Here’s some useful information regarding Bathroom Downlights which may come in handy when selecting your chosen type of Bathroom Downlights.

You'll mainly use bathroom downlights to provide plenty of functionality but it can also give your bathroom a real visual sparkle. The main types of lighting are ambient, task and accent - and in a large bathroom you can combine all three to create an effective, eye-catching scheme. Here's what they'll do for you:-

Bathroom downlights are becoming more and more popular as an unobtrusive way of lighting a bathroom. They are flexible, easy to install and are available in a variety of finishes to complement the rest of your bathroom.
They need to be suitably IP rated to ensure that they comply with current regulations. These regulations exist for your safety and should always be adhered to. Bathroom Downlights are available in mains voltage options.
To achieve the Bathroom Downlights rating, they have a glass front and are sealed with a gasket where they meet the ceiling. In addition, the lamp is held inside the fitting away from the glass. This prevents the glass getting hot and then shattering if water were to be sprayed on it. Bathroom Downlights can be used in every area of the bathroom including directly above a shower cubicle or bath.
Recent manufacturing techniques have seen adjustable and eyeball Bathroom Downlights fittings suitable for use in bathrooms and for installation above a shower. To achieve this protection, they are fitted with a gasket where the adjustable lens is attached to the main body. This gasket prevents the ingress of water and steam.
Mains voltage bathroom downlights are less expensive to buy than alternatives and lamp costs are lower than their low voltage equivalent. They have the added advantage that they readily accept energy saving LED replacement lamps that will last for over 30,000 hours in normal use.
If your bathroom has living accommodation above or it is a new installation, then fire rated downlights must be used. These are available in both mains and low voltage, either with or without a can. They are available with 30, 60 and 90-minute fire ratings but 90 minutes is obviously more desirable. We only supply 90-minute fire rated down lights.
Bathroom downlights are the main elements of bathroom interior. These are the essential things that need enough attention and must be planned properly. Bathroom downlights require adequate supply of lighting for safety purposes so it is important that you select the right ones.

General Information - Bathroom Downlights

Recessed Bathroom Downlights are types of lighting fixtures that are found in both kitchens and bathrooms. They protrude light from the ceiling and are designed to sit inside it so that you can only see their front face. 
Typical Bathroom Downlights consist of pressed aluminium lamp holders that are made of steel. When it comes to installing these lights, you should insert them into a hole that has compression clips or springs to hold the lights in place. 
Bathroom Downlights are round and flat fixtures that are designed for bathtubs, saunas and shower cubicles. These types of bulbs are waterproof and are safe to install near water. The labels on these Bathroom Downlights state that they are splash proof and jet proof, which confirms their standard of quality.

LED Bathroom Downlights are small in size, low in voltage and can be rotated to different angles. You may install them like spot lights in rows on ceiling or on top of the bathroom cabinet hoods. The dimmers can be used to set the brightness according to your own specifications. LED lamps are very energy efficient and they last for a very long time. These bulbs are ideal for indoor settings such as kitchens and bathrooms. Fire rated Bathroom Downlights are most preferred as they prevent the spread of fire. These bulbs are made from an expandable material that seals off the hole whenever reaching a certain temperature. You will find fire rated Bathroom Downlights in commercial bathrooms and kitchens as it is a legal requirement to install these types of lighting fixtures. 

Bathroom Downlights provide greater flexibility to your lighting. These fixtures are low in voltage so your electricity bill will be under control. Most downlights for bathrooms are restricted to maximum of 12 volts anyway so they last longer and save you money.

Further Information - Bathroom Downlights

If you are interested in our range of Bathroom Downlights but cannot find the specific type you require, please feel free to call our Sales Team on 01244 288138, who will be happy to provide more information as and when is needed.

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