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About Us

Quickbit Ltd. is a leading discount electrical wholesaler and supplier of electrical solutions. Open to trade and public 6 days a week and always helpful on the telephone, via email, and in store. Upgrading your domestic lighting, installing power to a shed or garage, or even a contractor looking to build a business relationship, Quickbit is the supplier for you.

We assist our customers in the best way we can, finding exactly what they need, and even providing expert opinions from experienced electrician's in store. Whether you're looking for the correct armoured cable or just finding the perfect downlights, we can guide you to the right decision efficiently and effortlessly.

Quality service must be accompanied with quality products, which is why we only stock and sell trusted ranges from our favourite suppliers. Bargain prices for high quality products is something you cannot argue with, so why not shop with us today?

Need Assistance?

Call our sales hotline on 01244 288 138 and our team will help to the best of their ability.

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