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C.K DextroVDE Screwdriver Slotted Parallel 10.0x200mm

Brand: C.K
Model Number: T49144-100
Availability: 1000
Price: £17.03

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C.K DextroVDE Screwdriver Slotted Parallel 10.0x200mm

  • VDE certified and individually tested to 10,000v for complete safety when working on live equipment up to 1000v.
  • Features: Premium quality chrome molybdenum/vanadium steel blade, hardened and tempered for optimum performance.
  • Ergonomically shaped dual component handle with long fine neck for precise fingertip control and ridges along the head for extra grip in the last quarter turn.
  • Tip type marking on the end of the handle for easy identification.
  • Certified to VDE 0682/201:2005 01 & IEC 60900:2004. GS approved.

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