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Decagon Philips LED twin spotlights 2 x 4.3W

Brand: Philips
Model Number: 50252/17/E1
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Decagon Philips LED twin spotlights 2 x 4.3W

Decagon Philips LED twin spotlights 2 x 4.3W

These Decagon Philips twin led spotlights are the latest range from the Philips livingroom Deco category. The Decagon led twin spotlights come complete so no lamps are required for this fitting the rest of the decagon led spotlights range to match can be found in our related products category below. These twin spotlights can be used as either wall lights or surface mounted ceiling lights. 

Colour : Nickel

Lamp Type : Complete with 2 x 4.3W LED

Part number : 50252/17/E1

Brand : Philips

Light colour : Warm white 2700 K

Voltage : 230V

Lumen output : 680 lumens

IP Protection : IP20

Life : 30,000 hours

Dimensions : Width : 165mm x Height : 106mm

Please call our technical sales team on 01244 288138 for anymore information or advice needed.

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