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Socomec Diris A40 Base Unit 110-400VAC - 48250A40 Silver

Brand: Socomec
Model Number: Diris A40 48250A40
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Socomec Diris A40 Base Unit 110-400VAC - 48250A40 Silver

Socomec Diris A40 LCD Energy Meter 3 Phase

Silver Finish

DIRIS A40 is a multi-function meter for measuring the extent of electrical values for all LV/HV networks.
It allows starting from the front panel to configure and display all the electric parameters and to exploit the functions of measurement, metering and energies management, harmonics analysis, remote control and control state of control devices, communication and detection of high voltages, peaks and voltage disconnections.
In addition, DIRIS A40  has a function for correcting connection errors.

• For LV and HV network
• Multi-measurements (3U, 3V, 3I, In, +/-3P, +/-ΣP, +/-3Q, +/-ΣQ, ΣS, 3FP, ΣFP and F)
• Max. demand and last demand 4I, +/-ΣP, +/-ΣQ and ΣS
• kWh (+/-), kvarh (+/-) and kVAh metering
• Programmable time meter
• THD 3U, 3V, 3I and In integrated up to harmonic number 51 Optional modules:
• Optional modules
- Ethernet module
- Ethernet module with gateway
- Temperature module
- 2 impulse output
- harmonics analysis on 3U, 3V, 3I and In for harmonics 3 to 25
- 2 to 6 input / output for control/command or monitoring
- 2 to 4 analog output
- JBUS/MODBUS RS485 or Profibus DP serial port
- storing of P+/P-/Q+/Q- average values over 31 or 62 days
- storing of10 last voltage C18 over voltage and voltage cut-off (EN50160)

We offer a fitting service on any of our power meters, we will panel mount them into the door of any metal hinged Eldon IP65 enclosure or a polycarbonate hinged enclosure. we offer two options to choose from here on the website but if you require any different size of enclosure just give the sales team a call on 01244 288134 and we will be happy to help.

 We also offer a wiring service for the power meters this includes link terminals for your C.T connections, a triple pole fuse carrier compete with fuses for your reference voltage and the pulse or Modbus connections back to the din rail terminals. All you will have to do is screw it to the wall and get your relevant cables to the terminals. If you need any more information call on 01244 288138


 Please contact us if you need more information on this Socomec Diris A40



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