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Earth Rods

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3/4" 4ft Extendable Copperbond Earth Rod
Product Desciption This product is a 3/4" 4ft Copperbond Earth Rod by Niglon, which boast very..
Ex Tax: £15.37
3/8" Earth Rod Clamp
3/8in (9mm) Earth Rod Clamp for 3/8inch/9mm Earth Rods. Product Desciption This product is a 3/4" ..
Ex Tax: £1.37
3/8" x 4ft Copperbond Earth Rod
Niglon CBER4 Earth Rod, Copperbond (for use with BCBR), 3/8" dia. X 4ft ..
Ex Tax: £5.45
5/8" 4ft Extendable Copperbond Earth Rod
Niglon 5/8" x 4ft Extendable Copperbond Earth Rod ..
Ex Tax: £5.18
Earth Connection Box
Niglon EEB Earth Connection Box ..
Ex Tax: £2.77
Lightweight Earth Pit
Niglon EPT Light Weight Earth Pit ..
Ex Tax: £23.58

Having a secure earth is a necessary part of an electrical installation, providing security of any potential circuit malfunctions. Here you will find earth rods or grounding rods that are designed specifically for earthing directly to the ground, ensuring protection of live currents and any equipment involved.

A good earth connection should have a low electrical resistance, corrosion protection, the ability to consistently carry high currents, and have a form of corrosion protection that can last up to 30 years.

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