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Voltage Tester 12V-690V with LED readout

Brand: Niglon
Model Number: NVT02
Availability: 534
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Voltage Tester 12V-690V with LED readout

Voltage Tester 12V-690V with LED readout

This very popular 2 pole Voltage Tester provides a clear indication of AC or DC voltages levels via bright LED's from 12V to 690V. It has an "Auto Test" self test function which confirms the unit is ready to use and protective end caps (not shown) to make the exposed probe tips GS38 compliant. This Voltage Tester is the fast and easy solution to voltage, continuity and phase rotation testing. This safety voltage indicator also has some great features other voltage indicators don't have like rapid audible and visual indication continuity testing, rotary phase/field indication and a bright illuminated torchlight which shines directly onto the test probe area to make your job safer and easier when testing under bad lighting conditions.

The Voltage indicator has a rugged construction and ergonomically formed casing for perfect handling so its great for site conditions.When electrical safety is your priority and you need a cost effective and convenient solution to voltage and continuity measurement look no further than this Voltage Tester.

This test meter is designed to comply with EN61243-3 requirements whilst also being constructed to IP64 and CE marked

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