Niglon SEX4T 4 Inch Bathroom Extractor Fan Kit

Niglon SEX4T 4 Inch Bathroom Extractor Fan Kit

£16.50 Ex. VAT £19.80 Inc. VAT
  • Includes 4 Inch Extractor Fan With Timer
  • 3 Metre Length of Ducting
  • IPX4 Rated
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Niglon SEX4T 4 Inch Bathroom Extractor Fan Kit – Bathroom extractor fan kit including a standard 4 inch extractor fan with timer and 3 metres of ducting. The extractor fan included within this kit also has an overrun timer which can be set to run between 2 to 30 minutes after the bathroom light connected to it has been turned off. This allows the fan to remove any residual steam/condensation leftover from your shower or bath.
As this fan only consumes 20 watts of power, it’s also a great choice for cost-saving.

Niglon SEX4T 4 Inch Bathroom Extractor Fan Kit Technical Information

  • Supply Voltage: 220-240V, 50HZ
  • Power consumption: 20 Watts
  • Timer: 2-30mins
  • Air Movement: 95 cubic metres/hour
  • Electronic transformer: 240V-12V AC 60W
  • Includes SWPVC flexible ducting 3 metre length
  • Protection Degree: IPX2
  • Standard of Compliance: BS EN 60335-2-80, BS EN 60598-2-1, CE

Further Information

This extractor fan kit is perfect as a budget replacement in any modern bathroom. With a clean, sophisticated design and included length of ducting, replaceable fan grille covers, this kit is perfect for a variety of installations. Also, remember to pick up a Fan Isolator switch if you wanted to be able to switch off the fan separately to the lighting circuit.

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